Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Post Elections

Elections are a  very hectic week. All the candidates were anxious to find out who was going to win the spot they have been running for. This year elections was a big deal because it was a referendum year meaning students had the choice to vote on whether they wanted the student activity fee to be mandatory or voluntarily. The results were mandatory:883 and voluntarily:245. Therefore, the student activity will remain mandatory. Eric S. won USG President and Christina G. won for Vice President. In addition, the new E-Board consist of Justine B. for Treasurer, Sean L. for Vice President Academic Affairs, Serenity S. for Vice President for Campus Affairs, Fatoumatou B. for Vice President for Public Relations and Alimatu A. for Vice President for Student Life. About 1500 students casted their vote in this year's elections.
 The reason so many students came out to vote was because many senators and administrators of USG were nice to students and persuaded them to vote. In addition, the candidates did a good job in promoting themselves through posters,chalking and speeches. In the end not everyone was able to be a winner, but encouraged student sto vote.Congratulations to all  the winners. You all have ran a good race!

Signed,Senator Tahnee White

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  1. Thank you Senator White and congrats to all the winners now lets make the "U" in USG the student body "USG IS YOU"